Label Dispenser M10-d

Label dispenser for Sato M10e printer

Product Description

Dispenser unit for Sato M10e Printer, M10-d Dispenser
SATO printer M10 can be used as standard without any modifications.

Product Details

  • Can handle "Full Label Size": 300mm x 420mm
  • M10-d, Manuel version with "PRINT" button(without external conveyer).
  • M10C-d, External Conveyer version with "PRINT" button and LTS.(label taken sensor)
  • All models can be ordered as "Table" or "Industry model"(Floor Stand)
  • The Dispenser Unit can be adapted to other full size A3 Printers on the marked.

Video M10-d dispenser with external Conveyer and LTS(label taken sensor) - M10-d dispenser without external Conveyer