Label Dispenser M10-d for SATO M10e Printer

Label Dispenser DF-4UW together with SATO CG4i Printer

Label Dispenser DF-4

The Label Dispenser are ideal for small and mid-size production lines where you want to use the printer to label the product "On Line", in a conveyer. This is an alternative to more expensive solutions where you do not need to label the product with the last label coming out from the printer. In many cases you are printing labels with the same information on every label, ex. bakery labeling bread. The Label Dispenser are adapted to be used with PF4i, PX4i, PX5i and PX6i Printer from Intermec and CG4, TH2, M84Pro or CL-408 Printer from Sato. The Label Dispenser can be ordered with external "Back Paper" Rewinder in the back and with start/stop electronic and a 30mm flange clamp under the unit for easy installation.

"Key Benefits"


DF-2 with Intermec F2 Printer Label Dispenser DF-2/F2 Printer
DF-4 with Intermec F4 Printer Label Dispenser DF-4/F4 Printer
DF-4 Dispenser Label Dispenser DF-4/460 Printer
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