About Us

about us

Nasab Company was founded 1984

(Nasab is short for Nespaper Addressing System AB)

Nasab has developed special solutions for the industry since 1984. The first Original Label Rewinder for Thermo Printers was developed in 1981 by the special machines department at Antonson Avery. The first Original Label Rewinder was based on a motor from Stegman, a Synchron motor SMS-5021 which had automatic electric clutch and it was adapted for EasyCoder 423 and Ateach 460 printers. Nasab Company took over the development and production of Label Rewinder and Newspaper Labeling Machines in 1984 and today after 35 years Nasab does more than manufacture quality Label Rewinder. Today we are a manufacturer of automotive solutions to the industries around the world. We make accessories for different thermo printer brands, and we create opportunities by innovative development of new solutions. Nasab’s products and solutions are special developed to the automotive industries, from truck and heavy equipment for the industry, from production lines to office use.